Looking at my life, my circumstances, and the world in general, I’ve decided to repurpose this blog.  As much as I have a love for artificial intelligence, I believe that I’ve missed my big opportunity there.  I gave it up in the spring of 2007 when I decided not to move to Belgium for a year and earn a Master’s of Advanced Studies in Artificial Intelligence.  It would have been a tremendous opportunity, and likely would have led to earning a PhD, provided that I could handle the research portion of the program.

But that is neither here nor now.  At this point, I have a family, a career, and the fun financial issue one finds themselves with when the first two meet.  My circumstances have changed, as must my direction in life.

Even before learning about artificial intelligence, I’ve been a generalist.  I have always wanted to learn about as much as possible in a variety of subjects.  I currently have the opportunity to do so, at minimal cost.  My wife is a teacher.  She is linked to a educational association that allows her and her close family (ie, me) to take some community college courses for free.  We only just found out about this program, and I have applied to start in the fall.  I will take two classes each of the fall, winter, and summer semesters.  I have a list of classes I wish to take, which I will share on this site soon.  In the end, I will earn an Associates of Arts degree, and will transfer my courses to my alma mater in the chance to earn more minors to add to my collection.

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