Learning Strategies

I have a list of classes that I will be taking, starting in the fall.  I have been accepted, my FAFSA is in, and my transcript was received.  The list currently stands at 51 courses.  However, more may be added, and some are marked as less interesting than others.  I strived to find a balance between what is interesting and what is useful.  I have a Google Sheet set up with priority, general category, credits, likely level of difficulty, and description of each class on my list.  Yes, I’m a bit of a data nerd.  I have a worksheet set up for future grades to track what I’ve taken and how well I’m doing.

I have decided on the following categories:  Basic Law, Finances, Humanity, Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Writing.  There is no real meaning here, though I will try to not take more than one course in each category at a time.  I have also listed each course with an estimated difficulty rating of 1 (easy) to 3 (hard).  I’ll try to not take two hard classes at the same time as well as spread out courses in each category to not end up with only hard classes.

I hold an annual membership to the Great Courses Plus program, something I highly recommend.  If you can spare 30 minutes a day for watch a lecture, this is more than worth it.  Even during their biggest sales, the cost of these courses can be quite high.  If you want to watch through a large number, the Plus program is great.  If you just want a few courses, buy them individually when they are on sale.

I plan to watch lectures similar to the classes that I’m taking.  For example, when I take a course on microeconomics, I’ll watch the microeconomics videos early on.  This should both make the classes easier as well as really drive home the material.

In the coming weeks, I’ll talk about other sources of learning I’m attempting.  Yes, I will likely get overwhelmed, but I want to make the attempt.

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