Studying: Space Repetition System

Today, I want to talk about another technique I want to use to help me learn:  the spaced repetition system.  This is a flashcard system that increases the wait between seeing a card if you get it correct, and shortens it if you get it wrong.

For example, if I want to improve my vocabulary, I would find or create a set of cards with the words I want to learn.  If I get the word “permissible” correct, then I won’t see it until the next day.  If I get it correct again, I won’t see it for two days.  Then four, eight, and so on.  If I forget the definition, then I’ll see it again the very next day.  This system takes advantage of how our memories work.

The program I’ll use is one I have used before:  Anki.  I can go online or use an app on my phone to practice any time I want.  If I have five minutes waiting in line at the store, I can get some cards complete.  I can even break each class into its own deck to better log how often I work on each one and how well I’m doing.

I won’t use this for every class I take; some courses don’t require a lot of memorization like this.  But it can be handy for the right type of learning.

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