Hello!  My name is Matthew Emerick, and I am an artificial intelligence generalist.  I have a wide range of knowledge and abilities within and related to AI, from Python to cognitive science and ML to neuroscience.  Now I want to give back to the AI community and help others in their journey in the field.

I created this site to assist others in finding the resources they need to progress in their AI ambitions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, come from a technology background or not, or even if you aren’t interested in the technology. AI is for everyone and I want to make sure you’re ready.

Every resource that I recommend will be personally reviewed by me. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t help as well. I’m always looking for more resources and will consider all suggestions. In the form below, you can contact me to point out any resources that I may have missed. Remember, though, that I will not recommend every single resource that I come across. I want to make sure that you have only the best materials to work with.

I will be adding various worksheets to help with specific issues, such as selecting college majors and minors. These resources will be free and can be combined and expanded into future books. If you have any requests for worksheets, please let me know through the Contact Page.

I am also available for mentoring. My area of focus is mentoring high school or early college students who want help planning their college career to maximize the results while minimizing the time, cost, and effort. I can also mentor anyone starting out with artificial intelligence. Let me know if you want to talk by reaching out through the Contact Page.