As an international speaker, I enjoy talking about the various paths to learning artificial intelligence, how AI can help you grow, and the positive and negative hype around the field. I have been interviewed by the Profitable Python podcast, given a talk at an international developer’s conference, and have been part of a panel discussion, all on AI.


Yearn to Learn

Despite a skills shortage, there are millions of people interested in artificial intelligence. How do you get from zero to hired? What path should you take? How do you navigate all of the available resources? Are you stuck in tutorial hell? How do you stand out?

Join me as we discuss the opportunities, both technical and non-technical, for anyone and everyone interested in such an amazing field. Be part of the future with this tour de force of information that can help you move forward.

Length: 30 minutes + Q&A

The audience will learn:

  • Roadblocks to learning AI
  • Career choices
  • Formal and informal career options
  • Top skills
  • Portfolio strategies
  • Networking tips
  • Advice on getting hired

AI: Beginning a Lifelong Career

Similar to Yearn to Learn, but extended and drills down into five career milestones when you might repurpose yourself in AI. The five milestones are undergraduate student, graduate student, early career, mid-career, and late-career.

Length: 45 minutes + Q&A

The audience will learn:

  • Everything from Yearn to Learn
  • Transition differences throughout your career