I am available for speaking, writing, coaching, and mentoring, as per the specific items below.

So what do I bring? I bring a diverse view of artificial intelligence with my dual cognitive and computer science background and my data experience. This is very different from the typical machine learning background that many have. Yes, you need to learn mathematics, statistics, machine learning, but there is so much more.

How do you start learning about artificial intelligence? How do you bring AI to your business? What are your learning needs? What is your recommended course of study? What resources do you need? What workshops are recommended? Do you need to build a team of AI specialists?

Let’s talk.

Want to talk to me one-on-one? Or maybe you want me to address a group. I’d love to talk to you about you can move into artificial intelligence, either as an individual or as a company.

Hiring me as a speaker is intended for a one-time event (with potential follow-up events) on the topic of your choice.

*Discount available for student groups located in Michigan.

More information is offered here.

Need some assistance getting your AI group up and running? Want to know what AI can do for your specific business?

I have over a decade of consulting experience in software development and data.

Need a guest blogger to write an article on artificial intelligence? Is your company creating a white paper but aren’t sure what’s missing?

I can help with that no matter if you want a technical or nontechnical point of view.

Are you just stuck? Are you having doubts? Do you believe that you don’t have what it takes to learn artificial intelligence?

I can work with you long term to help you overcome any roadblocks you have in your AI journey.

Need some advice that I haven’t covered in my blog or free downloads? Just want to talk something out or need a second pair of eyes on your educational plans?

I most enjoy mentoring graduating high school students and early university students, but am more than willing to work with anyone on their AI journey.