Hey, everyone! Thanks for your interest. Here’s a bit about my past as well as my quotes and interviews.

I was born in Michigan, raised in Florida near Cape Canaveral, went to university in Michigan, worked briefly in the Washington DC area, and then moved back to Michigan. I currently reside in the mid-Michigan area and will likely stay here. I am married with a toddler, who constantly delights me with his constant development. I enjoy walking along the various trails in the area and doing as many escape rooms as I can.

At university, Central Michigan University, I started with a simple major in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence. I stayed for graduate school, also in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence. There were no concentrations at that time. Contrary to popular advice, I stayed even longer to add two minors (philosophy and psychology) and another major (cognitive science) to my undergraduate degree. This is one of the smarter things I have done. I was then accepted to Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium for a Master’s of Advanced Studies in Artificial Intelligence. I turned it down, which is one of the dumbest things I have done.

I then worked for a multinational consulting firm for over a decade, both in the DC area as well as in Michigan. We parted ways during the COVID-19 pandemic and I took a short-term contract with a UK publishing firm. I left to start my own business and I have been working on the Cross Trained Mind ever since.

I have had some interesting and unique life experiences, including an 8000-mile cross country road trip with two teenagers while I turned 30, multiple backpacking trips to the American Rockies, a solo trip to Europe, directing traffic for a shuttle launch while on vacation, and earning 30 college credits during high school. I greatly enjoy helping others plan their college career in any field as well as general mentorship.

My main area of focus is on artificial intelligence, to no one’s surprise, where I fight to stay a generalist. I fully feel there is room for generalists, specialists, and everything in between in every field. I look forward to helping the next generation of AI enthusiasts navigate the plethora of educational offerings online and off.


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