This could be one of a few reasons. First, I may not have had the chance to work through your resource yet. This takes time. Second, I may be in the process of writing it up to be included right now. Third, I may believe that another resource serves the same purpose better than the one you proposed, and that would just be my opinion. If I think two resources are equally useful, I’ll try to include both.

There are no true AI experts. Can you name a single person who has created a true artificial general intelligence? I can’t. I simply have a broader background than most people in that I look at AI from both a technical and non-technical perspective. Beyond that, I strive as much as any other AI practitioner/specialist to keep up with the field. And that is a lot of work in itself.

Yes, and I am currently focusing on how to learn AI. Please contact me through the Contact Page.

Yes. My focus is mostly on graduating high school students and university freshmen and sophomores. However, I am willing to talk to anyone who wants to learn about AI. Please let me know if you’re interested through the Contact Page.

My personal definition is a little different than any other I’ve seen:

The ability of an artificial creation to
recognize patterns through subjective experience,
learn and process patterns involving novel situations,
and create patterns through action in an objective open-ended world.

As you can see, it precludes anything other than artificial general intelligence. While I consider any progress in AI to be useful to the field, I feel we’re too focused on pseudo-AI and its monetization. The field can do better.