Welcome to the Cross Trained Mind, a place for anyone and everyone with an eclectic interest in artificial intelligence. My name is Matthew Emerick, and my main focus in life, personally and professionally, is this field and how it can benefit humanity.

Why is this site called the Cross Trained Mind? Because I’m interested in artificial general intelligence, the ultimate goal of AI, and I feel that it’s going to take a diverse field of people, thinking, and technologies, to bring it about, if it’s even possible.

Yes, I admit that I, nor anyone else, truly knows if it is even possible to create an AGI. Anyone who tells you otherwise, with any certainty, is full of themselves. Half of the fun is finding this out.

In this journey that will undoubtedly last far past my lifetime, we will explore various parts of AI and cognitive science, the latest research, my thoughts and project, and a smattering of related topics.

I very much welcome your opinion.