Studying: Space Repetition System

Today, I want to talk about another technique I want to use to help me learn:  the spaced repetition system.  This is a flashcard system that increases the wait between seeing a card if you get it correct, and shortens it if you get it wrong.

For example, if I want to improve my vocabulary, I would find or create a set of cards with the words I want to learn.  If I get the word “permissible” correct, then I won’t see it until the next day.  If I get it correct again, I won’t see it for two days.  Then four, eight, and so on.  If I forget the definition, then I’ll see it again the very next day.  This system takes advantage of how our memories work.

The program I’ll use is one I have used before:  Anki.  I can go online or use an app on my phone to practice any time I want.  If I have five minutes waiting in line at the store, I can get some cards complete.  I can even break each class into its own deck to better log how often I work on each one and how well I’m doing.

I won’t use this for every class I take; some courses don’t require a lot of memorization like this.  But it can be handy for the right type of learning.

Studying: The Feynman Technique

I want to talk about some of the techniques that I want to employ in my upcoming learnings.  The first, and perhaps most powerful, is the Feynman Technique.  I highly recommend that you watch the video above, as it explains it very well.  At this point, I’ll assume that you have done so, and simply discuss how I plan to use it.

I don’t want someone to be the second person, so I will use this site as such.  I will visualize that there is a reader of this site that doesn’t understand what I am learning about, and attempt to explain it to them.

Learning Strategies

I have a list of classes that I will be taking, starting in the fall.  I have been accepted, my FAFSA is in, and my transcript was received.  The list currently stands at 51 courses.  However, more may be added, and some are marked as less interesting than others.  I strived to find a balance between what is interesting and what is useful.  I have a Google Sheet set up with priority, general category, credits, likely level of difficulty, and description of each class on my list.  Yes, I’m a bit of a data nerd.  I have a worksheet set up for future grades to track what I’ve taken and how well I’m doing.

I have decided on the following categories:  Basic Law, Finances, Humanity, Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Writing.  There is no real meaning here, though I will try to not take more than one course in each category at a time.  I have also listed each course with an estimated difficulty rating of 1 (easy) to 3 (hard).  I’ll try to not take two hard classes at the same time as well as spread out courses in each category to not end up with only hard classes.

I hold an annual membership to the Great Courses Plus program, something I highly recommend.  If you can spare 30 minutes a day for watch a lecture, this is more than worth it.  Even during their biggest sales, the cost of these courses can be quite high.  If you want to watch through a large number, the Plus program is great.  If you just want a few courses, buy them individually when they are on sale.

I plan to watch lectures similar to the classes that I’m taking.  For example, when I take a course on microeconomics, I’ll watch the microeconomics videos early on.  This should both make the classes easier as well as really drive home the material.

In the coming weeks, I’ll talk about other sources of learning I’m attempting.  Yes, I will likely get overwhelmed, but I want to make the attempt.


Looking at my life, my circumstances, and the world in general, I’ve decided to repurpose this blog.  As much as I have a love for artificial intelligence, I believe that I’ve missed my big opportunity there.  I gave it up in the spring of 2007 when I decided not to move to Belgium for a year and earn a Master’s of Advanced Studies in Artificial Intelligence.  It would have been a tremendous opportunity, and likely would have led to earning a PhD, provided that I could handle the research portion of the program.

But that is neither here nor now.  At this point, I have a family, a career, and the fun financial issue one finds themselves with when the first two meet.  My circumstances have changed, as must my direction in life.

Even before learning about artificial intelligence, I’ve been a generalist.  I have always wanted to learn about as much as possible in a variety of subjects.  I currently have the opportunity to do so, at minimal cost.  My wife is a teacher.  She is linked to a educational association that allows her and her close family (ie, me) to take some community college courses for free.  We only just found out about this program, and I have applied to start in the fall.  I will take two classes each of the fall, winter, and summer semesters.  I have a list of classes I wish to take, which I will share on this site soon.  In the end, I will earn an Associates of Arts degree, and will transfer my courses to my alma mater in the chance to earn more minors to add to my collection.

Hiatus and Update

Well, that was embarrassing.  I had a coding issue in the site and only now just got it fixed.

At least I’m back, and I have some news.  Over the course of the last few months, I have been pushing myself to enter the world of robotic process automation.   As of last week, I am now a certified Blue Prism Developer.  My current client is looking to move into this space and then into cognitive computing.  I’m attempting to position myself as a go to person in the field.

Otherwise, progress is slow.  I have a lot of personal issues to deal with at the moment, but everything seems to be moving forward again.

Prepping for the Journey

Hello, all.

I’m still prepping for my journey back into AI.  I’m building up my Python skills through a couple Udemy courses, some of which delve into various AI technologies.  Right now, it’ll all about finding the time to put into this.  Yes, the more I put into my studies, the more I get out.  But I also have a life to live.

Soon, I’ll try to detail what I’m working with and start to fill in my Resources page.

I’m also reading up on various industries that are using or will soon be using AI.  In addition, I have to balance that with the various industries that are in my area, here in Central Michigan.  Given that it’s Michigan, self driving cars might not be a bad area to get into, especially if the Big Three expand their capabilities in that direction.


Hello, and welcome to my site.  It’s not much at the moment, but I’ll be adding content soon.

The purpose of this blog is to log my studies into the theory and practice (mostly practice) of artificial intelligence.  I’m currently taking a lot of online courses to get the basics back down, as I’ve been out of the loop for a while.  I have a Mastery in computer science, where I focused on AI, but the field has changed much since then, and I have some catching up to do.

I’ll leave you with this interesting read:

The Myth of Superhuman AI