You might have noticed that the site and the associated YouTube channel have been a little quiet since the end of summer. Since then, I have been substitute teaching at the elementary level. This is an exhausting role, but a useful one. Society, and schools in particular, need subs in order to keep moving forward. Personally, it’s been an educational experience.

I enjoy watching others learn, especially when they get that “Aha!” moment of understanding. But it’s still difficult as you have to explain why they need to learn certain things. When their parents are telling them that education isn’t important, and that happens more often than I care for, it’s extremely difficult to reach the student. It’s harder when you’re not their usual teacher and don’t have a relationship with them.

I have been in nearly every classroom in one school at this point and have had few days off. Combine that with being a husband and father, you start to see why I’ve been absent.

But fear not! The Cross Trained Mind isn’t leaving as I’m still dedicated to making sure you have a clear understanding of artificial intelligence and to make sure that I do my part to fight the AI hype. Eventually, I will move on from substitute teaching and have more time to dedicate to the CTM. I look forward to that day and hope that you stick around.

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