Author:  Danny Staple
Publisher:  Packt
Publication Date:  February 12, 2021
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Prerequisites: Some Python programming

About This Book

I have had an interest in robotics since I was a teenager. My fiction-addled mind saw it as something easy to learn but difficult to master. With the lack of resources 20+ years ago, I then assumed that it was both hard to learn and near impossible to master. Looking at this book, I now know that my initial assessment was correct. This book is about giving you a foundation in creating a robot using Python and a Raspberry Pi.

Who Is This For?

This is a good book for someone with a Python background that wants to learn about robotics. It’s a great way to learn the basics of robotics programming, as it covers the topic from the very beginning and looks at all areas that affect any robot.

Why Was This Written?

Yes, there are other books on robotics, but I like this one as it focuses on Python and the Raspberry Pi. Both are great and easy to acquire resources and in the end, you use them to build a working robot. Personally, I would find ways to expand your robot so that it’s not just another Hello World project.


I LOVE the macro organization of this book. There are four sections: basics, building a basic robot, making the robot smarter, and how to take it even further. This is exactly what I would want for a project-based book. The only thing missing from this book, and this is a huge peeve for me, is that there is no section that talks about all of the hardware needed for the project. Bits and bobs are located in most chapters but don’t stand out. I would want to order all of my hardware at once and save time and money. As it stands, you have to order for each chapter.

Did This Book Succeed?

Yes. This is a great beginner book that will give anyone the confidence to create their own robot from scratch afterward. This book is also complete in keeping up with current topics, such as voice commands, pathfinding, and computer vision. It is the one book you need to get started in robotics.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This book is complete and useful, but not perfect. I mentioned before an important feature that was left out. However, that is the only negative that I can really bring up. If you’re interested in learning about robotics, get this book.

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