Author:  Steve Miller
Publisher:  Sound Wisdom
Publication Date:  March 3, 2020
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Prerequisites: None

This is a unique book. I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed a week ago and came across a post from one of my favorite data experts featuring the author and his “smoking hot wife” (his words, but I’m not going to argue with the man). I decided to splurge a bit and pick up a digital copy. Again, not my preference, but physical copies cost more and take time to get here. And I have limited space for the plethora of books I have.

I just finished the book last night. I would have finished earlier, but for some reason, my wife (also smoking hot; my words) decided that I needed a 40th birthday party. Weird, I know. But I digress. This was an enjoyable read, even though I don’t have a business nor am I a business-focused person.

About the Book

Oh, you want to know what this book is about? Moose hunting. Completely about tracking down and bagging your moose, typically by using a moose whistle. Odd? Yes. But the author stands by this and even likes to give out moose whistles to his BFFs. My kind of oddball, very unforgettable.

I guess for all of you non-oddballs out there, I need to give out more information than just that. Fine. If you want your business to be uncopyable, to stand out, to succeed, this is your book. Don’t have a business, but want to be uncopyable, to stand out, to succeed? This is also the book for you. Every business strategy in this book can work for the individual. I even went out of my way to help one of my rock stars just last night.

Why I Read This

As I stated, this is not my usual book. So why did I read this? I decided this year to start building my personal brand and seeing where it takes me. I think I’ve been moderately successful so far but wanted to get a different perspective. so I came across that post and bought the book. It’s a short book, so I took a break from what I was reading on the Kindle and started on this one.

So what did I get? A mindplosion of ideas for expanding my brand. It even convinced me to further specialize, which I had been resisting. I now have a better path forward than I had before and feel like I have a better chance of being successful. I think that was probably worth the cost of this book and the time and opportunity cost of reading it. If you want to expand yourself professionally, this would be a good place to start.

My Thoughts

You want more from me? Stop reading my review and get the real deal.

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