Course Title: Artificial Intelligence Concepts
Provider: IBM
Prerequisites: None
Level: Beginner

About The Course

The course is about as entry level as you can get. It explains the core definitions and concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing. The only major concept that is missing is computer vision. The course is offered as three videos that require a total of 37 minutes and cannot be sped up as well as a ten question assessment. In return, you earn a certificate. It’s one of many offerings from the IBM Watson Academy.


This is a very bare bones course that is useful when first starting out in artificial intelligence, but quickly loses its value. It would also be useful when learning how IBM’s Watson works as you will get their perspective. You do not need any previous knowledge whatsoever to take this course. I would recommend as a follow up to either choose one of the topics mentioned and dig deeper or move toward learning how to use Watson itself through IBM’s cloud offerings.

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